To provide efficient and timely customer service to tribal membership regarding enrollment matters. To consistently provide exceptional customer service, on a daily basis, to Fort Mojave Tribal Membership and the local community.


  • Customer Service
    1. Correspondence via telephone, mail, fax and email with other Native American Tribes throughout Native Country
  • Presentations
    1. Prepare and present to committee and Tribal Council all Tribal Membership Applications
  • Certificates of Indian Blood (CIB) and letters of descendency
    1. Provide proof of lineage to different agencies upon request of Tribal Membership
  • Proof of Tax Exemption
    1. Preparation of official tax exemption forms for eligible Tribal Members
  • Vital Records
    1. Request and obtain vital records on behalf of Tribal Membership
  • TERO Employment Applications
    1. Provide TERO Employment applications to Tribal Membership and the local community
  • Genealogy
    1. Provide assistance in obtaining information on family trees


  • All persons of Fort Mojave Indian blood whose names appear on the Official Census of November 1, 1956, regardless of the degree of Fort Mojave Blood
  • All lineal descendants of persons listed in the above Census who are of at least one quarter (1/4) Fort Mojave and were born between November 2, 1956 and the effective date of this Constitution
  • All descendants who are of at least one-quarter (1/4) Fort Mojave Indian blood born after the effective date of this Constitution and Bylaws and who have at least one parent who is a member of the Tribe, PROVIDED an application for enrollment is filed on behalf of such person and is approved by the Tribal Council. If an enrollment application is not filed and approved, such persons shall not be deemed enrolled. Applications for enrollment shall be considered at the next regular meeting of the Tribal Council following the filing of an application
  • All persons who have been adopted as of the effective date of this Constitution 01/07/1977
  • All persons who in the future will be adopted into the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe
  • After effective date of this Constitution & Bylaws, unenrolled children of adopted persons may be enrolled if:
    1. They are at least ¼ Fort Mojave Indian blood
    2. Filed an application for enrollment which is approved by Tribal Council

Please contact Enrollment Department for information on events available throughout the year.


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