The philosophy of the Fort Mojave Child Care Center is to enhance and improve the quality of the lives of families by offering a safe childcare option to parents, understanding it is necessary for the parents to be given the opportunity to pursue education, job training, employment or counseling. Therefore, the Fort Mojave Child Care Center will provide a safe and secure environment for the children during the time the parents are in pursuit of their goals. The Child Care Center will provide the children experiences which promote: 1) the individual child’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual growth and well-being; 2) both active and passive learning experiences which promote the development of skills, social competence, self-esteem and positive self identity; and 3) learning experiences conducted in consultation with parents in order to ensure harmony with the life style and the cultural background of the children.


  • Provide developmental age appropriate early childhood education programs to Infants, Toddlers, Pre-school and School age children 3 months of age to 5 years of age
  • Provide a comprehensive emergency plan for the Child Care Department that meet the Operating Regulations of a Child Care Facility such as
    1. Child’s Daily Health Assessment Policy
    2. Emergency Contact Policy
    3. Exclusion/Readmission Policy (Illness Policy)
    4. Fire Safety Policy
    5. Health Education Policy
    6. Health Records Policy
    7. Health Service Advisory Committee Policy
    8. Immunization Policy
    9. Incident Log Policy
    10. Infectious Disease Control Policy
    11. Parental/Community Health Concern Policy
    12. Playground Safety Policy
  • The Child Care Center is a Certified Provider for the Arizona Department of Economic Security Child Care Administration
  • The Child Care Center administers the Fort Mojave Child Care Developmental Fund (CCDF) Program.



The Fort Mojave Indian Tribe Child Care and Development Program
The Ft. Mojave Indian Child Care center operates the CCDF Program and child care subsidy assistance is available to Ft. Mojave Indian Tribal members in need of this service.  The tribe’s plan does have eligibility criteria that each applicant must meet.  The CCDF grant award is given to the tribe each year to operate the CCDF program for the program year, October 1 through September 30 of each fiscal year. The tribal plan is available to view at the Ft. Mojave Child Care Center.

What is the CCDF Program? This is information about CCDF Program and its purpose: The Child Care and Development Fund (CCDF) is the primary Federal program specifically devoted to child care services and quality. It enables low-income parents and parents receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) to work or to participate in the educational or training programs they need in order to work. Funds may also be used to serve children in protective services. In addition, a portion of CCDF funds must be used to enhance child care quality and availability.

Ft. Mojave Child Care and Development Fund process for a family to apply to receive child care services are as follows:

  • Tribal parents are informed through resource and referral by tribal agencies that are supplied with flyers and brochures that explain the eligibility criteria for the FMIT Tribal Child Care Development Fund Program and other pertinent information. The child care center is viewed as a valuable community resource for the tribe, tribal departments, Tribal entities and for working parents.
  • The applications are made at the Fort Mojave Child Care Center by appointment.  The CCDF Administrator is available to take applications at other tribal agencies by appointment with in the service area and/or community. The CCDF Administrator will assist in the completion of the application to assure accuracy and discuss the program requirements for child care services and the parent/guardian responsibilities of the program if approved.
  • The CCDF Administrator carefully reviews all returned forms and required documents and determines eligibility for all applicants.  Applicants will be informed of their eligibility once all forms and documents needed are submitted within two business days.


  1. parent(s) are working or attending a job training or educational program
  2. eligible children must be under the age of 13
  3. reside with a family whose income does not exceed 85% of the Grantee Median Income (GMI) for a family of the same size
  4. parent(s) are working or attending a job training or educational program or
  5. Parent(s) who receive or need to receive protective services.
  6. Parent is an enrolled member of the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe
  7. Child/children is an enrolled member of the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe
  8. cases in which children receive or need to receive protective services
  9. provide CCDF-funded child care to children in foster care whose foster care parent(s) are not working, or who are not in education/training activities
  10. The Fort Mojave Child Care Center will give first priority care and placement to children who are identified of being at risk of neglect, abuse, or exploitation and in need of receiving protective services as determined by Agencies such as FMIT Social Services Department, FMIT Domestic Violence Department, Behavioral Health Department, AZDES protective services department, including children of teenage parents, or children from homeless families.
  11.  The sliding fee scale is used to determine eligibility for all categories of child care of the family. The co payment is based on the income level of the family.  The level and their enrollment schedule which includes full time or part time schedules will determine the amount of the copayment of the FMCCC payment rates. A discount for additional child/children enrolled in the same immediate family is applied.
  12. Parent(s)/ Guardian(s), must live on the Ft Mojave Tribal land located in Arizona, California, and Nevada, which includes the area radius of 40 miles within areas near and around the tribal lands in the three states.


  1. Ft. Mojave tribally enrolled children living on or near the reservation
  2. Children enrolled with Arizona Department of Economic Security Child Care Assistance
  3. Children needing emergency placement through FMIT Social Service and Domestic Violence
  4. Other children in the surrounding community


  • Parent Events (Quarterly)
  • Week of the Young Child (April)

Please note: Events are held throughout the year. Flyers will be sent out prior to the event.


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