Summary: The Community Health Representative is responsible for providing care to Native American eligible for care within the Fort Mojave Indian Health Center service area. The CHR is liaison and advocate for all patients requiring support and care within this community. Patient services will be planned, coordinated and provided in a culturally sensitive manner relevant to the beliefs and customs of the Native American community served. Disease prevention health promotion wand patient education are the basis of the care provided by the CHR staff.


Essential Functions:

  • Facilitate appropriate use of health services by providing a coordinated communication link between members of the community and available health resources.
  • Provide a network of personal care services to individual families in the home setting for the purpose of helping them maintain health and independence.
  • Evaluate community concerns and needs related to health care and relate these to the outreach and Medical team members for problem solving and resolution Refer patient needs to weekly staffing meetings for assistance and patient support.
  • Attend community gathering and events as a representative of the Health Center team promoting health and wellness.
  • May be assigned to visit patients in other settings; acute care hospitals, nursing homes, board and care residences, to assure the patients well-being and provide support for the patients cultural needs.
  • Provide health information and teach individuals and families how to attain and maintain health and wellness.
  • Provide care within the clinic seating as requested. This care will include vital signs blood glucose, height and weight and patient education. May also be trained in specialty care such as wound management and diabetes care.
  • Educate and inform Health Center staff the cultural values and traditions of the Fort Mojave community that must be considered in the plan and provision of medical care.
  • Complete patient care documentation in an accurate timely manner.
  • Attend training programs as required. Includes three week, basic CHR training during the first six months of employment, periodic refresher CHR training, CPH and First Aid, infection control, work safely and blood borne pathogens.
  • Assist Outreach, nursing and medical staff with any tasks and responsibilities assigned with the scope of work for Community Health Representatives.
  • May be required to provide assistance with transportation duties and the delivery of medications.




  • Must have a High School Diploma or equivalent.






  • Pass pre-employment drug screen.
  • Become certified in CPR and basic First Aid within 60 days of employment.
  • Complete CHR training within 6 months of employment.
  • Ability to function with a team structure with frequent interaction and communication with team members
  • Must pass a thorough background screening.



Certificates and Licenses:

  • Must have a valid driver license and good driving record




Physical Demands: While performing this job the following demands may arise and the individual must be able to write, type, walk, stand, bend, stoop, crouch, hear, reach and push wheelchairs and gurneys. Support patients as necessary for procedures. Vision is an important part of this job and requires the ability to see small print; corrective lenses are acceptable.